Saturday, October 30, 2010

LinkSys E1000 Wireless Router

Fantastic, easy automatic setup, (and on a Mac to boot!). Really! Pop in the included CD, run the installer and just sit back and let the software do it all for you. Don't waste your valuable time on other routers like I first did.

First bought and returned a Belkin n150 (after my Belkin Wireless G router died), and a D-Link DIR-601, both huge hassles to attempt to get working. Belkin n150 set up reasonably easy but wireless only worked few minutes before refusing to give any wireless service whatsoever (which of course is what I'd bought it for). Spent hours trying (and researching) everything imaginable to get it to work before finally give up. Bought the D-Link DIR-601 hoping for better success, but never did manage to get the D-Link wireless capabilities up and running at all after too much time wasted yet again before run back to Fut Shop for the E1000.

E1000 was fully setup and WORKING(!) all by itself in mere minutes, all I had to do was sit back and watch it happen (iPhone connected instantly too!) everything piece of cake.

LinkSys Cisco install app even has a feature which will copy your full setup to a usb flashdrive which when inserted in another computer (as in your laptop or second home computer) will automatically install and set that computer up with all of your proper settings. Again, just plug in the flash drive, sit back and watch. Could not be simpler.

HUGE kudos to LinkSys/Cisco. All products should install this easy. (And work!!) Sweet!

Save your valuable time and far too much frustration with the others and pick this up. Sure would have saved me huge hassle, annoyance, and mega wasted time and run around had I just done so from the get go.

Couple Notes: 
• LinkSys E1000 works perfect with the iPhone too.  Old Belkin router that died used to need rebooting all the time to restore signal connection with the Mac (was a real pain).  Belkin router far too often also made it difficult for the iPhone to connect.  The LinkSys E1000 is performing with no issues whatsoever. iPhone connects instantly everytime, and no issues with it needing to be rebooted to restore wired connection with the Mac

• Lifetime Warranty - The dead Belkin router came with a 'Lifetime Replacement Warranty', but in the end proved more or less useless. Being responsible for all shipping and other costs (border inspection fees, customs fees, whatever) to return the dead router to Belkin for replacement could have cost same as to purchase a new router locally, not to mention being without a router for several weeks waiting for everything to be completed and replacement unit to arrive.

• All of the above mentioned routers worked fine directly wired to the computer. Only the LinkSys E1000 gave seemless, simple, instant wireless service.